A viking is behind you

I'm a french graphic designer, and I want to be the master of the universe, the life and everithing.
And I have the time for that, I'm 18.
I love wtf, cats, tentacles, fun, cute, vectors, metal (true metal, not avenged sevenfold or other bands of this type) heroic fantasy, viking, lovecraft and all things which are awesome.
thank for reading my blog!
these people are awesome !

One of the best bands of the WOOOORLD!!

(I don’t do this, I just do a clean version of the logo of those “new album’s” t-shirts :Straight Out of Hell)

… okay, not exatly the same, but… I’m satisfied of this >.>

YAAAAAAAAAY ! You’re 50 ! thank you ! thank you all !

Today, I try adobe illustrator CC….this FUCKING little white dot change my life… forever ! thank adobe :’)

Today, I try adobe illustrator CC….
this FUCKING little white dot change my life… forever ! thank adobe :’)


you’re already 30 ! thanks for following me! :)

the crawling chaos !! :D

aperture-crosoft… huhuhu

can you recognize her ? (do not watch the tags :p)

Thank you all ! This is just the begining ! :D


Fezzes are cool.

yhea ! :D

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first test with Paint Tool Sai

this is probably already did… but fack it, I do what I want !


Everyone needs this on their blog to show how excited they are for Tomorrow.

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Three fucking days ! just three mathafacking days ! :D